Okay everyone, I am alive, I have been writing in my journal all the things I want to post. Yesterday was my 21st birthday, my mom almost died, my family is here and my life is going crazy right now. I will resume my postings after september starts. Sorry for not posting anything, but I have quite a few posts ready  but no time. I’m sorry. 

VI the Lovers

My thoughts-  Male and female, Eden, creation, affection but not just for the other person, but also for a higher being and his love for us.

Book-  This card is about the union of opposites, communion with the Divine, and completion, but at the end of the day it is really about making a choice. It is about making a decision that makes you feel as good, as certain, as strong as being in love makes us feel. The decision can be about any aspect of our lives. Choices can be many or few. Picking the option that resonates with your heart, makes you feel good about  yourself, and creates the sense that all is right with the world.

The Universal Waite card – Shows the idea of opposites mentioned earlier: man and woman, earth and fire, human and angel, obedience and temptation. There are choices to be made here The angel represents the all consuming love for and guidance of the Divine that dwells in our hearts The angel is huge and the sun is shining brightly on it, indicating that this really is an obvious decision.

core meaning- Making a decision that makes your heart glad.

I wasn’t to far off.

V The Hierophant

My thoughts- Dressed like a present day pope. The papal seal is under him which could suggest that he is the pope or maybe pope like, Other wise he may be higher than the pope, above him. He could be wise considering people are watching/ listening to him.

Book-  Its original name was the Pope. The Golden Dawn changed the card to the Hierophant, which most people assume is an esoteric name for the Pope. Hierophany, meaning the manifestation of the sacred. A hierophant, is one  who teaches, who shows us how to live by our beliefs Still the element of teaching and instruction, but there is a difference in focus. This is not following the rules of a demanding and illogical deity. This is about how we can live our lives in a way that brings our faith or beliefs to life.

The Universal Waite Card-  It is easy to focus on the formal and ritualistic nature of the card as well as the implied hierarchy More to the point, here is the idea that the Hierophant has the formal training, personal experience, and required accountability to make him an appropriate teacher. His upraised hand has two fingers up and two down, representing the connection of higher ideals and earthly experience. His wand is topped with crosses, which symbolize the intersection between the spiritual (vertical lines) and earthly (horizontal lines).

Core meaning – Living faith in everyday life.


IV The Emperor

My thoughts – He looks battle ready Noble, the rams head means that he is stubborn possible. Red for royalty. He is old so maybe his wisdom comes with age.


I didn’t to to well on this one, but I can do this.

Book- The Emperor is a creator but of a different sort, he creates order, efficiency, prosperity, and stability. He surveys the entire situation and makes decisions accordingly. His position is one of power, more specifically focused on authority and responsibility. He is here to create order that benefits the larger picture not to impose his will.

The Ultimate Waite Card- He is pictured in the desert. This symbolizes two things. First, that he makes limited resources stretch as far as possible. Second, it suggests the sun, representing solar or male thinking- that is, logic and rationality. His decisions are practical, not emotional. He chooses as his throne a cube like structure, indicating the importance of a stable foundation.

So, I wasn’t really that close, maybe I will be better next time.

III the empress

My thoughts- I look at this card and see fertility. The grain and the trees are in abundance. The heartJenna’s love for all that she creates because in essense she is mother nature. Since she is young she represents the beginning of new life.


The book- sometimes associated with mother nature. She does represent nature life and growth. However, she represents birth andripening, the beginning and peak of the cycle, more than death which is the end of the cycle. This card symbolizes abundance. Having more than enough. We also have the ability to create in this way. We reap what we sow. This card is about allthe food thingsthat we sow and reap. It is about creating and enjoying the good things in life.


So I was close.   That’s awesome.


The universal Waite card- reigns over nature, a true empress, in complete control over her creation. Her elaborate pillows and blankets show comfort and luxury. The pomegranates show abundance as dies the wheat, which is practical and nourishing. The stars on her crown represent time in general, and specifically the role of time and cycles in the circle of life, as well as the idea that creation takes place in the mind as well in the world.


Core meaning – abundance and creation


Hiw well did you do?

Our First Reading

Okay, so we have learned about three different cards; The Fool, The Magician, and The High Priestess.  So, why don’t we try a simple three card reading… they out come won’t be great, possibly, but lets try it so we can start to see how it works. Its gonna be hard but lets only use the three cards. Shuffle the cards and then lay them out after asking a question.

My first question: What can I do to bring more happiness into my life today?

Card one: The Magician

Card two: The Fool

Card three: The High Priestess

Okay so what do the cards say?

I like using the cards with the positions of The situation, what to do, what not to do. But you can also do The situation, what to do option one and two. The past the present and the future. The situation, the problem, the solution. or The situation, the Challenge, the advice.

The situation- The Magician

This is telling me that I am in the mood of As above , so Below. Also that I feel that if all is harmonious that I will finally be happy, that I can change the world or situation.

What to do- The fool

The fool card is telling me that I should take a leap of faith but remember the pack shows a little forethought. I know what or where I’m going for (happiness). I just don’t know how I’m going to get there.

What not to do- The High Priestess

I don’t have to go through some process or initiation to learn how to be happy. It isn’t some secret society. I can do this.

So the cards are right… even though I wouldn’t consider this a real reading considering there were only three cards.

What did your cards say? Were they right?

II The High Priestess

My thoughts- The colors means that not everything is black and white, but the colors i the middle means there is a middle ground The crescent shape reminds me of the moon, maybe she is a night maiden The scroll in her hand means that she has something to teach us.

Okay, so I was a little off but that’s why I’m studying the cards.

The book- The High Priestess guards the threshold of an initiation which provides knowledge, insight, or wisdom that cannot be taught but can only gained through direct experiences This card represents something that cannot be revealed at this time.

The Universal Waite Card- Reflects a mystery school or secret societ initiation. The High Priestess sits between two pillars, indicating a very specific and controlled point of entry. The veil decorated with pomegranates represents Persephone’s journey to the Underworld, or death The water and the moon symbolize the subconscious, the unknown, and change All these symbols together show that there is something specific that must be experienced, the details of which are unknown The response to the experience will affect the outcome.

Core meaning- Something that can only be understood through experience



Foolishness, frenzy, impulsiveness, heedlessness, agitation, blunder.

Dear Divine,

Please guide me with your understanding, that one day I may help others as you have helped me. Give me the sight, please, as I read the cards and about them.

So mote it be.


I currently have two decks, one that is easy to understand, and one that second which called to me through its art. I will write what the book says about the card, my interpretation, and maybe a few other things.

The first card is 0 The Fool

Book- The fool represents a crossroads of major importance. The next step will start a new journey, or phase, in our lives. The fool makes the decision intuitively, taking a leap of faith. The bag indicates that there was some forethought.

My thoughts- While everything looks to be going okay, the clear sky and the sunshine, the fool is walking off a cliff. The dog may be trying to warn him. The bag suggests that he knows where he is going but again the cliff suggests he doesn’t know how he is going to get there. The mountains in the background suggest hard times have passes but since it is the fool, they may be yet to come.

The universal Waite Fool- Stands under a shining sun, filling the image with optimism. He looks to the sky as if following a vision. The cliff indicates a potentially dangerous situation. The dog can be providing encouragement, or a warding. This fool is confidently following his dream, but whether they will be ultimately realized is uncertain.

Core meaning- The moment the first step is taken.

So, what did ya think when you saw the card?

Dear Divine,

Thank you for guiding me.

So mote it be


Have a good day guys. Ill have the second card later. Feel free to comment and make suggestions.


ImageI’m starting a study of tarot cards. This is my journey. I’m using the Tarot card for beginner book which I will post everything of later. I will be referencing this book often. I’m offering to let you in on my journey. I want to learn with other people. If you want you can join, if you know more than me feel free to jump in on discussions or suggest something for me if I am doing something wrong. 

I will be posting my studies and my readings on here. You can learn with me and read with me. How does that sound. This is it for now… I will be posting more in a few. I have already studied two cards today.