I Magician


My thoughts- The infinity over his head could mean constantly trying. Has all four elements on the table means that he uses all his resources. His stance is very stable and determined.

Book- A fundamental belief, as above , so below. Implies a connection with the divine. If in line with the divine, he becomes a channel that can effect change in the world. He has the ability to use what is at  had to achieve his goals. This card says that we have the knowledge and resourses to achieve our goals.

The universal Waite Card- There is a strong connection between the Divine and personal will. One hand reaches towards heaven but holds a wand which means will. His other hand directs the energy. The white lilies mean pure relationship with the divine read roses mean passion or intent. The infinity sign shows all possibilities exist in the infinite universe. The chalice, sword, pentacle  symbolize his resources.

Core meaning- using knowledge, resources, and will to change the world.

I think I did pretty good for my second one. What do y’all think? What were your assumptions? Were you right?


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