Foolishness, frenzy, impulsiveness, heedlessness, agitation, blunder.

Dear Divine,

Please guide me with your understanding, that one day I may help others as you have helped me. Give me the sight, please, as I read the cards and about them.

So mote it be.


I currently have two decks, one that is easy to understand, and one that second which called to me through its art. I will write what the book says about the card, my interpretation, and maybe a few other things.

The first card is 0 The Fool

Book- The fool represents a crossroads of major importance. The next step will start a new journey, or phase, in our lives. The fool makes the decision intuitively, taking a leap of faith. The bag indicates that there was some forethought.

My thoughts- While everything looks to be going okay, the clear sky and the sunshine, the fool is walking off a cliff. The dog may be trying to warn him. The bag suggests that he knows where he is going but again the cliff suggests he doesn’t know how he is going to get there. The mountains in the background suggest hard times have passes but since it is the fool, they may be yet to come.

The universal Waite Fool- Stands under a shining sun, filling the image with optimism. He looks to the sky as if following a vision. The cliff indicates a potentially dangerous situation. The dog can be providing encouragement, or a warding. This fool is confidently following his dream, but whether they will be ultimately realized is uncertain.

Core meaning- The moment the first step is taken.

So, what did ya think when you saw the card?

Dear Divine,

Thank you for guiding me.

So mote it be


Have a good day guys. Ill have the second card later. Feel free to comment and make suggestions.


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