III the empress

My thoughts- I look at this card and see fertility. The grain and the trees are in abundance. The heartJenna’s love for all that she creates because in essense she is mother nature. Since she is young she represents the beginning of new life.


The book- sometimes associated with mother nature. She does represent nature life and growth. However, she represents birth andripening, the beginning and peak of the cycle, more than death which is the end of the cycle. This card symbolizes abundance. Having more than enough. We also have the ability to create in this way. We reap what we sow. This card is about allthe food thingsthat we sow and reap. It is about creating and enjoying the good things in life.


So I was close.   That’s awesome.


The universal Waite card- reigns over nature, a true empress, in complete control over her creation. Her elaborate pillows and blankets show comfort and luxury. The pomegranates show abundance as dies the wheat, which is practical and nourishing. The stars on her crown represent time in general, and specifically the role of time and cycles in the circle of life, as well as the idea that creation takes place in the mind as well in the world.


Core meaning – abundance and creation


Hiw well did you do?


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