IV The Emperor

My thoughts – He looks battle ready Noble, the rams head means that he is stubborn possible. Red for royalty. He is old so maybe his wisdom comes with age.


I didn’t to to well on this one, but I can do this.

Book- The Emperor is a creator but of a different sort, he creates order, efficiency, prosperity, and stability. He surveys the entire situation and makes decisions accordingly. His position is one of power, more specifically focused on authority and responsibility. He is here to create order that benefits the larger picture not to impose his will.

The Ultimate Waite Card- He is pictured in the desert. This symbolizes two things. First, that he makes limited resources stretch as far as possible. Second, it suggests the sun, representing solar or male thinking- that is, logic and rationality. His decisions are practical, not emotional. He chooses as his throne a cube like structure, indicating the importance of a stable foundation.

So, I wasn’t really that close, maybe I will be better next time.


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