V The Hierophant

My thoughts- Dressed like a present day pope. The papal seal is under him which could suggest that he is the pope or maybe pope like, Other wise he may be higher than the pope, above him. He could be wise considering people are watching/ listening to him.

Book-  Its original name was the Pope. The Golden Dawn changed the card to the Hierophant, which most people assume is an esoteric name for the Pope. Hierophany, meaning the manifestation of the sacred. A hierophant, is one  who teaches, who shows us how to live by our beliefs Still the element of teaching and instruction, but there is a difference in focus. This is not following the rules of a demanding and illogical deity. This is about how we can live our lives in a way that brings our faith or beliefs to life.

The Universal Waite Card-  It is easy to focus on the formal and ritualistic nature of the card as well as the implied hierarchy More to the point, here is the idea that the Hierophant has the formal training, personal experience, and required accountability to make him an appropriate teacher. His upraised hand has two fingers up and two down, representing the connection of higher ideals and earthly experience. His wand is topped with crosses, which symbolize the intersection between the spiritual (vertical lines) and earthly (horizontal lines).

Core meaning – Living faith in everyday life.



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