VI the Lovers

My thoughts-  Male and female, Eden, creation, affection but not just for the other person, but also for a higher being and his love for us.

Book-  This card is about the union of opposites, communion with the Divine, and completion, but at the end of the day it is really about making a choice. It is about making a decision that makes you feel as good, as certain, as strong as being in love makes us feel. The decision can be about any aspect of our lives. Choices can be many or few. Picking the option that resonates with your heart, makes you feel good about  yourself, and creates the sense that all is right with the world.

The Universal Waite card – Shows the idea of opposites mentioned earlier: man and woman, earth and fire, human and angel, obedience and temptation. There are choices to be made here The angel represents the all consuming love for and guidance of the Divine that dwells in our hearts The angel is huge and the sun is shining brightly on it, indicating that this really is an obvious decision.

core meaning- Making a decision that makes your heart glad.

I wasn’t to far off.


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