The Chariot VII

My view and Ideas- Wand in hand, stars above, crescents on the shoulders. This shows movement, his crown suggests victory. Belt is askew meaning trouble. You will get what you want but will be a challenge.

Book- This card shows the need or desire to move forward being impeded by circumstances. The difficult situation is usually based in a conflict of some sort. The journey appears to be one of moving away from something, more than toward something. The conflict can be about not wanting to leave or others not wanting us to go. There is a struggle, making forward movement difficult. In this situation, our will is our secret weapon.

core meaning-  The Triumph of will in difficult circumstances.




Hey guys, its been a while. Life is finally looking like it is going to settle down. The season is over so I have a little down time. I did these few a while ago…actually before my birthday, but since that was a month ago, I guess its been longer than i think.