Three of Cups

My thoughts-  There are three people holding up three cups. They seem to be toasting something. I have always found it slightly unsettling that I cant really see the third persons face. They are each crossing the other’s arms with theirs. If you got an aerial view you would see a triangle.

The Book- This card represents those moments or feelings of general goodwill, contentment, and the sense that everything is okay with the world… even if only for that moment. It is usually a shared experience, resulting from the synergy of the group, but it can be felt along, when happiness fills the heart for no apparent reason.

The Universal Waite Card- features abundance and simple pleasures, with its pumpkin and grapes. It looks like a feast or a party. The three women with their unlifted cups represent the social aspect and mutual affection. Fun frivolity, and overflowing happiness abound.

Core Meaning-  A spontaneous, unexpected joy or pleasure.

My Year Ahead Spread- Birth month to Birth month

So I came up with my own spread, no one elses was really appealing to me, there may be one out there just like it, if you find it tell me and I will like it here. Thank you.

Picture a clock: the numbers going around the clock and in the center the two hands. The hands are 1 and 2 in our spread. The numbers start in the 1 position on the clock face but will actually be card three of our spread. If you would like to see a picture of it, tell me and Ill will do a really nice picture of it.

Position meanings

  1. Me this year
  2. My goal/ambition this year
  3. September ( My birthday is actully in August but it is at the end so I start with the next month, if yours is at the beginning I don’t see why you couldn’t keep your birth month in this position. And it is what ever your birth month/one after is.
  4. October
  5. November
  6. December
  7. January
  8. February
  9. March
  10. April
  11. May
  12. June
  13. July
  14. August


This is what I got:

  1. Me this year- 4 of Wands- Pay attention to your ethical choices. Don’t take credit for someone else’s achievements, or try to pass off their work as your own.
  2. My goal/ambition this year- The magician gathers the tools of transformation and begins to summon elemental spirits to work magic. The powers of transformation are at your command.
  3. September – Page of Swords – One who will face difficult adversities with bravery of his soul and the determination of his principles.
  4. October- Temperance- Find a balance in your  life by practicing moderation in all things.
  5. November- Queen of cups- One who embraces life with passionate delight, greeting each new day as an opportunity to love.
  6. December- Queen of Swords- One who shares the brilliant clarity of her mind, but protects her heart with a certain reserve and caution.
  7. January- Fool- Your innocent spirit carries you forward with gentle joy. (How awesome is it that the new year starts with a new beginning, the Fool).
  8. February- Page of Cups-One who brings a message of true love, tempered with steadiness and responsibility.
  9. March- 6 of Cups- The magical companions of your childhood are still with you. Expand your imagination to call them closer to you and listen to their advice. ( I didn’t have any magical companions… unless you call cats magical, and some do.)
  10. April- Devil- Seek the root cause of any bad habits or addictions if you truly want to break free of them.
  11. May- King of Cups- One who has control over his emotions and does not let the beast within break free.
  12. June-  4 of Swords- This is not a time for intensity and focused endeavor. Follow the quiet voice within to find a new way through confusion.
  13. July- 9 of Swords- Too much mental stimulation makes it hard to separate reality form a nightmare. Quiet your mind, and face your fears to move through them.
  14. August- Knight of Wands- One who uses resources in innovative and creative ways to advance his cause and who inspires other with his courage.



I’m hopeful for the year to come. How would you interpret this?

Oh My Wow moment/reading

Okay, I’m just learning to read, as you know if you regularly check my blog/follow it and get updates. Here is a little back story of me. I’m 23, recently got married, am happy, and want to start a family with my amazing husband. Back story over. I often read for myself and my family because I don’t have an abundance of friends and family who want me to read for them. So I have wanted to start a family and was reading up on how to phrase questions to get better answers and to take control of my life and not make it sound like I am leaving it up to fate.

Question- I would really like to start a family with my husband. How can I change and/or better prepare myself for this wonderful blessing to come into my life?

Answer- 7 of Cups – (LWB) Precious gifts are offered to you all the time, but you may not fully appreciate them. Take stock of what you already have before you seek more. So, basically, be happy with what I have right now. It will happen eventually. Duh, Becka!

Fair Lights Tarot (Getting to know the new deck)

Omgosh, the pictures in this deck are so pretty. The contrast of light and dark cards are just amazing in this deck.

How I ask questions and get set up- I start by taking three deep breathes, in through my nose, out through my mouth. I take the deck out of the box and begin to shuffle. I pick up the deck with my right hand and drop them into my left hand, so that they don’t get bent by shuffling. I ask the question as I am shuffling and the card that falls out is the one that I’m supposed to read. I feel like it is the deck throwing the card in my face.




1. What kind of deck are you?

10 of Swords- The path you are considering is to fraught with challenges. Accept defeat and find another solution. Well this is awkward ( it was a birthday present and not something I would have normally picked for myself). Is he (the deck) saying that I need to give up on him or that he is the other solution. 

Photo dump August 30th 033

2. What card sums up your personality?

King of Swords- One who may seem stern and forbidding but whose judgement is always fair and whose authority benefits his community. Hmm, not quite sure what to think of this card most of the kings actually kinda scare me in this deck.

Photo dump August 30th 023


3. In what issues do you specialize?

9 of wands- Working with others will allow you to accomplish much more than you would on your own but at some sacrifice to your autonomy and control.  I came to the realization the other day, I don’t always work well with others, its not that we don’t get along is just that I don’t like having someone telling me that I’m wrong just because its not how they would do it.
Photo dump August 30th 024


4. How can you best help me?

Queen of Swords- One who shares the brilliant clarity of her mind but protects her heart with a certain reserve and caution. I am usually someone who guards their heart, that was, until I met my husband, since then it has been all out there in the open. Maybe I should start to do that again.

Photo dump August 30th 030
5. What quality is best in a reader?

King of Wands- One who inspires loyalty through his fair-mindedness and his willingness to adapt to the changing times. So, someone who is flexible, not totally set in their ways.

Photo dump August 30th 034


6. How do you see our relationship?

5 of wands- Your wild nature longs for release. Honor your instincts and trust their guidance. My wild nature… hmmm. I know I can be a little crazy sometimes but wild… 

Photo dump August 30th 0277. What card do you want to show me?

8 of Disks- Get ready for your future by throwing away regrets, blame and disappointment. Surround yourself with positive expectations. I’m excited for my future. I don’t know what it holds but it is probably somewhere I haven’t been before. 

Photo dump August 30th 028


8. (I normally just do seven questions but with this deck I decided to try an eight, to just see its point of view.) How do you see me?

4 of Wands- Pay attention to your ethical choices, do not take credit for someone elses achievements or try to pass off their work as your own.  So, it sees me as a credit stealer… how nice for me. hmmm.

Photo dump August 30th 031And the card that just keeps sticking out to me, for its sheer beauty and awesomeness.  Photo dump August 30th 032


What do you think of this deck and its cards for me? Mistress Morrigan1? Hipster chic?

I personally feel that this is a deck of action. All the swords and the wands!





Birthday Presents

Okay, so no one wanted my free readings, and that is okay. But I got some tarot decks and books for my birthday!!!! I’m now 23 and have four decks and two coming in the mail! I haven’t interviewed my newest deck yet but I will. I’ve been uber tired lately and I don’t know why, it might be because the seasons are changing in Alaska and we are starting to get less sun, who knows. I’ve been working like crazy and still studying, Ill post some more up when I get a chance.


Love, Peace, and Happiness to everyone.


Tarot Reversals… What and Why

Tarot Reversals… What and Why.

As I’m learning I am faced with this problem. I am someone who likes to learn from books, or at least read a lot of them. I recently got a book all about reversed cards, and then I got one that said not to read reversed cards. I myself have chosen to read reversed cards but am only learning the upright meanings first. Yes it may take longer, but I think it is easier to learn one way at a time. This is an interesting blog post to read as well.

Two of Cups

download (2)My thoughts- I honestly don’t have many thoughts about this card. I see the medical symbol (I think) connected to a red lion’s head with wings. In the distance is a white house with a red roof, I don’t know that that means anything. There is a man and a woman, the man seems to be reaching for the woman’s cup. His wreath is red, her shoes are red, the lion with wings and the roof are red. I honestly feel kinda bland about this card. I have no strong emotions one way or the other towards this card.

The book- The two of Cups is a welcome card for those interested in a new relationship, for it is about that exciting time when people first meet and acknowledge their attraction. The card doesn’t necessarily say if the connection will be long lasting or whether it will be entirely good; it simply says that it exists.

The Universal Waite Card- Focuses on the powerful effects of a relationship based on such an emotional connection. The behavior of the two figures is very formal and dignified. If they touch at all, it is possible their fingertips brush as his hand reaches toward her cup. From their union healing arises, symbolized by the caduceus. In addition, this partnership elevates our base animal tendencies, as shown by the lion with wings. 

Core Meaning-  Deep emotional connection or attraction.

Free Readings

Yes, you read that right. I’m going to be giving free readings via email for the first 10 people who email me at Ask a question and I will use my knowledge of the cards to answer. I will be doing this because my birthday is coming up and I want to give people gifts. So you have until the 28th to request your free reading. Your reading will be on my Native American Tarot Deck. Have a nice day and Happy Birthday to Me!.

Ace of Cups

My thoughts- yay, my favorite suit. For some reason this suit appeals to me. The Ace of Cups seems to be overflowing or springing forth of water. There is a lot of white in this card. The hand, the dove, the coin(?). There are red roses in the water, I’m surprise there aren’t white lilies too.

The Book- Like all of the aces, the Ace of Cups is a gift or unexpected opportunity and possibility. Because this card is a cups card, it contains the watery energy of all the cups. This energy is manifested in several ways: love, affection, healing, intuition, and creativity. It is particularly suited for relationships, artistic endeavors, and spiritual journeys. The Ace of Cups invites us to drink deeply and be fulfilled- or, better yet, just jump right in.

The Universal Waite card- The proffered chalice has a distinctively Catholic look to it. This is not surprising, as Waite came from a Christian background. Rather than focus on the engulfing and sometimes overwhelming experience of human emotions, this card represents divine love, healing, and grace.

Core Meaning- An opportunity for an emotional experience or growth.



Ten of Wands

images (6)My Thoughts-  Okay, we are at the end of the wands (excluding the court cards, which will have their own section) I have to say that I’m excited to move on to the next one. OKay, on to the card. This man has gathered up all of the wands/sticks. That can’t be easy to carry. Trust me, I’ve tried, there are easier ways, but that is not one of them. Why not find an easier way to do it?

The book- Burdens come in many forms: responsibilities, the expectations of others, necessities. In and of itself, this card doesn’t tell us whether we should lay down the burden, find a better way to carry it, or just keep carrying it. It simply shows that it exists.

The Universal Waite card- shows a figure carrying a great unwieldy load while walking toward a goal. This load makes the journey harder but not impossible. The implication here is that the goals of getting to the house and carrying the wands can both be achieved. One can hardly resist asking, though, might there not be a better way to carry the wands?

Core Meaning- Carrying a large burden or many burdens.

That is just like me, trying to solve everyone’s problem, but my own. I never have any clue about how to solve mine. *sigh*