IX The Hermit


My thoughts– This man is old and shining a light. He is alone. He is wise. There is a lot of blue in this picture, which means the subconscious mind. He has a lot of wisdom that he wants to give. He is careful who he shares his wisdom with because information in the wrong hands can be dangerous, which is why he doesn’t like being around people. But is he a hermit by choice or circumstances?

The book– Most Hermit cards are in shades of blue, featuring a mysterious cloaked figure. The most predominant visual aspect is the light from the lantern. That light is the focus of this card; it represents our own spark of divinity. This card represents no longer listening to others; even, in this situation, removing others from their influence. It is our own truth that should lead us. In reality, this card is about an act of self-discovery. Having a clear, bright light- that knowing that guides our steps- can attract others who want to follow or learn. The Hermit, by definition, is solitary his life is an example, but his journey is not a public classroom.

The Universal Waite Hermit– Is so archetypal in appearance that he is almost a caricature. He is a wise old man using his truth to light his path. His staff, which is a very large wanted, represents his will, which has grown strong over the years and supports him on his journey.

Core Meaning: Retreating from distractions to determine your own truth.


So, how did you do? I didn’t do to well, but it wasn’t horrible right. After The Wheel of Fortune we will do another reading or maybe two. OOOOOh fun.


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