Reading #2

Okay, so far I have learned 11 cards. So I thought I would do a few “practice” readings, just with the cards I have learned so far. The first one will be a one card draw asking “What do the cards have for me today?” Then I will do a three card reading for a fake situation of wanting a promotion at work. Let’s see what we get.


One card – Strength- Calm control that soothes the situation.

What I got from this is that I need to remain calm today and be in control of the situation no matter what happens.

photo dump August 6, 2014 129

Three card spread- (R)* The Hermit, The Chariot, The Hierophant

Past – (R) The Hermit-  withdrawal

Present – The Chariot-A need to move forward being impeded by circumstances.

Future- The hierophant- Living in a way that brings our faiths and beliefs to life.

What I get from this reading is that you need to stop worrying about it, let it go. Your worry is holding you back from actually getting what you want. You should follow the philosophy of ‘fake it till you make it’.

I think this person will get the promotion he wants… maybe not this time but it will come along, when it is meant to be.

*= (R) means Reversed. I know we haven’t mentioned this yet, but we will use it in this reading and later ill cover more of the reversed meanings.

What do you think of my interpretation? What did you get from it.



5 thoughts on “Reading #2

  1. I greatly enjoyed this interpretation. As far as the Chariot goes, it can sometimes signify a call to action. I would ask the person if he’s truly doing all he can, or if there’s something he’s missing or leaving out. And the Heirophant could mean tradition or authority, and I agree with your interpretation that it seems rather promising. It could symbolize a situation in the near future where the person will need to accept this new authority and embrace the traditions already in place (that sounds a lot like job training, huh?).

    You’ve definitely got a lot of skill here! I liked reading this post.

      • Oh I used fake readings all the time when I was first learning. Unless you have hundreds of people waiting around for you to do random readings on them, the fake ones are really the best way to learn about those subtle little connections and relationships between cards that appear together in readings. You can memorize the LWB meanings all you want, but that won’t help much until you see how the cards interact with each other, and the only way to do that is by doing readings, whether real or imagined.

      • Yeah, I don’t have tons of people. My husband (who is okay with my tarot practices) and his family are Mormon. So that leaves mine, who are perfectly okay with me doing readings for them, but I prefer having different situations to read on. Thank you for your encouragement

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