X- Wheel of Fortune




My thoughts– The color blue is sticking out, but I see a nice balance of the other colors.The sphinx on top of the wheel is holding a sword. There are four “creatures” that are sporting wings which suggests air to me. I don’t know what the books suggest (each “creature” has one that is open) I don’t see any greenery. At the moment I don’t know what the symbols mean that are on the wheel. The orange figure reminds me of Anubis, the Egyptian Jackal-headed god of death. The title leads me to believe there are good things coming about. 

The Book– The only constant is change. The Wheel doesn’t always just turn – sometimes it is spun. This card does not represent the slow, expected turning, for why would something natural and expected need to be foretold? This card lets us know that the Wheel is about to be spun, meaning things may be up in the air for a bit. 

The Universal Waite Wheel- A sphinx sits at the top, representing mystery, riddles, and unpredictable spinning of the Wheel and the role of fate. The figures in the four corners represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac. It is a philosophical observation that the foundations of the world actually stay constant, and it is we who are the Wheel and doing the actual changing. 

Core meaning: Random change is at hand.


12 thoughts on “X- Wheel of Fortune

  1. Very intuitive, but in most of the reading I’ve done (and I’ve never really looked much into the Rider-Waite or Universal Waite… Those decks just seem like they have a very flat, dull energy to me) the change represented by the Wheel is rarely random. A quote commonly associated with it is, “What goes around comes around.”

    Some readers I know will interpret the Wheel upright as, “being unexpectedly rewarded for good deeds in the past.” And if it’s reversed, then they’ll interpret it as “punished for bad kharma gained in the past.” I think that’s a little too rigid for this card. I see it as the Wheel is always turning, and that makes this card very fluid and ever-changing.

    • What decks do you suggest? I currently have two decks in the mail (which will take awhile… darn Alaska) I have a Native American (I’m Cherokee and Delaware Indian and I have always been drawn to them.) and I can’t think of the other one.

      • Well, I’m always, ALWAYS partial to the Gothic Tarot of Vampires. It’s a very dark deck (to the point that I have to be careful who I use it with if I’m doing a reading in person) but the energy is just amazing! It’s my favorite deck, which a lot of people find odd because I usually don’t go for the super-dark stuff.

        If you’re talking about the Native American Tarot by Lo Scarabeo, then I’ve heard good things about that one. Unfortunately, the only real way to see which decks work for you is to hold them in your hand and see how they work. And when you have to buy them online, that can be a bit of a pain. I’ve bought decks online before, and fallen in love with the pictures, but when the deck gets here, it’s just flat and empty. Others that I wouldn’t expect to like (like the Housewives Tarot) end up being absolutely fantastic.

        But if you’re drawn to Native American decks, you might also like some of the nature-based decks to. A friend of mine has a deck called the Tarot of Trees (I don’t know what company made it, but the creator is Dana Discoll or something like that). It’s a very unique deck using just trees and no people. It doesn’t do much for me, but she loves it.

      • I have a wishlist and I might just have to add the Gothic Tarot of Vampires to it. I have been avoiding the darker ones. I’m also interested in the Steampunk ones. I have a theory, that even if a deck doesn’t feel right to me right now, we may become more attuned to each other over time. So when I find a deck that I connect more with, I will be putting my Rider-Waite-Smith deck up for awhile, I am currently under the persuasion that it hates me or is mad at me. But that is okay because there is always another deck out there. http://www.amazon.com/Native-American-Tarot-Religion-Spirituality/dp/0880790091 << my new deck

      • Oh, I like that one! And yes, the Steampunk cards look amazing. I’ve already added them to my own wish list.

        Something I learned to do with decks that you’re just not connecting with is to do an “interview reading.” Here’s a good one I found, but there are hundreds of variations. http://samhainmoon.blogspot.com/2012…asy-tarot.html
        I avoided the darker ones for awhile, but that deck was a gift, and I immediately fell in love with it. Sometimes the ones you don’t choose are the most surprising.

      • I have done two interviews with this deck, a week apart and after a cleansing. This is what I got: Try One:
        Page of Wands- This is a spiritual deck
        6 of Disks – This deck has a generous personality
        8 of Swords- It specializes in restrictions of life
        3 of cups- It can help me best with friendships
        (R) Ace of Pentacles- Frugalness is the best quality in a tarot reader
        (R) Judgement- Our relationship is Cautious

        Try two:
        (R) The World- Lack of closure, lack of compleion
        The Chariot- Control, victory
        (R) 3 of Cups- An affair, stifled creativity
        (R) 3 of Disks- Disregard of skills
        (R) Justice- resistance to change
        8 of Swords- Isolation

        I also asked if it was in a better mood, after I tried to cleanse it and a card came up revered.
        When I asked why it was in a bad mood five cards came up
        Queen of Wands- determination
        (R) 8 of Wands- delays and frustration
        (R) 10 of Wands- Taking on to much
        Page of Cups-Messenger
        Emperor- Authority

      • Yeah, that definitely sounds like the energy is strained here. How often do you use the deck? Is it possible you’re using it too much? And how do you store the deck when it’s not in use?

      • Hmm… that’s odd. That shouldn’t cause that strain. Maybe try storing it with something more neutral? Like a black cloth and hematite, maybe? That’s the only thing I can think of. But that’s a strange reaction there. It’s a good thing you’ve got more decks on the way.

      • Yeah, Thoth is beautiful bu tricky. It’s a whole different system than the RWS deck. The thing to remember in that deck is to forget everything you know about other RWS-based decks (and most common decks today are based, at least loosely, on the RWS deck). I’ve always preferred the RWS system, so I’ve never really done much with Thoth, but I’ve known people who have had wild success with the Thoth decks and Thoth-based decks. It’s really just a matter of personal preference.

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