XI Justice


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My thoughts –  When I looked at this card, the first thought that came to my mind was fairness. Then I saw the scales and it cemented into my brain. For some reason I can’t get past that thought. I started this post last night, I even slept on it and nothing more came to me.

There is a purple cloth hanging behind this her. I see yellow and there is this one white shoe peaking out from under the red robes, and red means Patience. The sword and the throne (which you can barely see) are both the same color of blue.  Blue means intuitive, emotion, healing and peace.

I think this woman is patient when finding out what happened and delivering her fair conclusion is a top priority for her.

The Book– Justice’s consequences are not random. This is the card of reaping what you’ve sown, for good or ill. This is not necessarily a bad card. The double-edged sword, representing law, that justice wields, it can go either way. Justice will use her other favorite tool, the scales, to matter-of-factly measure out the results. Like the High Priestess, Justice sits between two pillars, representing a threshold. The meaning of the card isn’t simply that “whatever you receive, you earned.” It is also a gift of entry to another realm of understanding. It teaches us how the universe works, so we can function better within it.

The Universal Waite Justice- sits before a veil that reminds us that her intricate logic and infallible understanding of the facts are far beyond our mere human comprehension. Her crown indicates her authority. The sword and scales symbolize the law and payment due. Justice is not blindfolded’ she clearly sees all aspects of the matter and can ascertain the truth.

Core Meaning: The consequences of your actions are at hand.


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