XII The Hanged Man


My thoughts- The first thing I see isn’t that this man is upside down, but that he has a yellow halo. Next I see that he is hanging by his right ankle. His pants are red and his shirt is blue. The background is grey and bleak. The shoes are yellow. When I see this card I think of sacrifice.

The book-  Modern images show a quiet, accepting figure, sometimes with a holy glow or tranquil expression. Many people think of this card as sacrifice, but that is not quite it. This card is a type of surrender that is willing. There is no flailing or fighting, no struggle or stress’ instead, it is a period of letting go, of releasing, of doing nothing. Time is suspended, and we must simply observe, reflect, wait and accept.

The Universal Waite Card– Shows a halo around the Hanged Man’s head, representing that this experience of observing and reflecting leads to spiritual understanding. He hangs from a living tree, symbolizing that this situation connects him to divine wisdom and is also rooted to earth and will have practical applications.

Core Meaning– Willing surrender to an experience or situation.


Okay, so I fell into what most people thought, about sacrifice. What about you? What do you think?


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