XIII Death

My thoughts– Okay, Ill be honest, there is a lot of negative thoughts on this card. Also the skeleton inside the armor is kinda creepy. I’ve heard some not so good things about this card. My thought is, if you think about the circle of life, for a new beginning there has to be an end, and that isn’t totally bad. It could also mean the end of something bad, that would be a good thing right?

The book– This card rarely means physical death. Most modern interpretations of the Death card focus on transformations and new beginnings. However, before that comes the ending of something. It is the ending that people fear, and we try to gloss over it by talkin about the new and presumably better time to come. People experiencing the Death card both need and have the right to their grief and sense of loss. Hope is almost always present in most versions of the Death card, sometimes taking the form of a sunrise, a white rose, or a phoenix. But the images also present the dark side of death, with skulls, reapers, and engulfing flames. It is important not to skip the hard part and jump directly to the potential shiny new future.

The Universal Waite card– Shows different approaches to death: the fainting king, pleading bishop, swooning maiden, innocent child. Along with the promise of a new day, Death comes riding into our lives. The end is inevitable; the new beginning is full of promise. The question in this card is how we greet death.

Core Meaning: An ending that makes transformation possible.

Woohoo, I was really close. I just didn’t get the transformation part.

How did you do?


2 thoughts on “XIII Death

  1. I think I might have said something similar to this to you, but maybe not. But this card (and, to a lesser extent, the Tower card as well) always makes me think of a wild fire.

    Now, wild fires suck. They suck dirty, hairy, sweaty monkey ass. But they replenish the earth and clear the way for new growth. They are so vital, in fact, that entire forests would very quickly die off without the occasional bout of burning and screaming and running for our lives.

    And that’s basically what this card is. It’s never pleasant, but it’s necessary, and the pain that comes with it is temporary.

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