XV The Devil

My thoughts- I’ve heard a lot of bad things about this card too, now that i’m looking at it I can see why. It is a very dark card, even if you just look at the colors. The couple ( representing the lovers?) are chained together. It looks like they both have tails… one is with fruit (the female) and one with a flame tail (the man) The devil has a torch that is almost connected to the mans fire tail. The devil’s hands are similarly placed, just like the magicians… One up and one down (as above, so below?)

The book-  In many decks, the Devil is a parody of the Hierophant and the lovers. This tells us two very important things. First, because it is parody, it can seem correct and appropriate – at first glance. As a parody, it is also attractive (parodies are usually funny, clever, or witty). Second, the Hierophant and the Lovers represent walking according to our beliefs and making choices that make our hearts happy. The Devil(, then, represents living in a way that is contrary to our beliefs and in a way that saddens our souls. This card represents what is wrong for us in a situation. The idea of being bound or controlled is apt as the Devil ( however it manifests) holds us back; we make no forward progress on our path, either spiritual or mundane.

The Universal Waite card– presents a stereotypical Christian devil image. The devil figure represents the behavior or situation that holds us in bondage. The male and female characters with tails and horns make a mockery of what it means to be human. The chains appear loose enough that escape would simply be a matter of choice, but the figures make no progress.

Core Meaning– A choice, action, or situation contrary to your best interest.


Hmmm, a Parody…. hmmmm I don’t know that I know what to think of this card.


One thought on “XV The Devil

  1. I’m impressed that you noticed the placement of the Devil’s hands, and the resemblance to the Magician.

    This is a tough card, it really is. And when it comes up in a reading, it’s always as a warning. It can mean excess, temptation, lust, vices, anything that can deter us from our goal. Sometimes it can mean substance abuse. Sometimes it can represent a woman who chooses to remain in an abusive relationship, or someone who’s allowing others to have too much control over their life.

    Regardless of its possible meanings, the appearance of this card means that you’re doing something wrong, and you need to change it.

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