XVI The Tower

My thoughts– Okay, why are two of the darkest cards right next to eachother?  In this card I see two people falling (or fleeing) the tower that is being destroyed. The tower is being struck by lightning and is on fire (probably because of the lightning). The sky is so dark, it is actually black. So I think it means destruction and ruin.

The book- The tower represents not merely destruction for destruction’s sake; it is a breakdown that allows for a breakthrough. It releases us from what no longer serves our best interest. It takes away what is no longer good or sound. The tower destroys something as we know it, thereby providing the raw material and experience to re-create something new. 

The Universal Waite Tower– Although on fire and hit by lightning – looks like it might survive. The human figures falling from it, on the other hand, look like they are in for a rough landing. In this card, the focus is on the effect this experience will have on the person or people experience it, as well as on the structure itself.

Core Meaning: An unexpected event that changes everything.

Okay, so its the end of something, but you will survive. I think this also means a major change.



One thought on “XVI The Tower

  1. Major change, yes. Sudden, and often chaotic. It can also mean a breaking down of ideas, and particularly breaking down deceit to find a surprising truth underneath.

    Something that helps me is to remember that the entire Major Arcana is supposed to tell a story. The story of the Fool (and in fact, many decks available today have the Fool, or the “main character” appear throughout the deck) is a long one, and we follow him on his journey.

    The reason why two dark cards are right next to each other makes sense when we think of it that way. The Devil can often mean temptation, excess, being a slave to one’s whims and desires. In that same token, it can mean a prison of one’s own design. The Fool was trapped, chained to the base of the Devil’s throne. It didn’t occur to him that the collar around his neck is big enough to simply slip off.

    Until one day, it did. SOMETHING woke up him to what was happening around him, and suddenly everything changed. And here we find the Tower. You’re absolutely right. The Tower is the end of something. The end of an illusion.

    (Believe it or not, The Tower is actually my favorite card in most decks.)

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