XVII The Star

My thoughts –  I think I read somewhere about  how the star is just letting it all hang out there in the open. I mean, the lady is naked in the middle of the night, and she is actually pouring water out of the jugs. Her hair is down. She isn’t hiding anything. I think this card means truth or that the truth is coming out. Maybe it is also a warning that you are telling to much, or maybe it is advice that you need to be more open. 

The book –  This card brings refreshment and cleansing after trouble. It promises restored faith and renewed purpose.

The Universal Waite Star – Is naked, symbolizing being at our most vulnerable. She pours water from the twin pitchers of faith and trust, showing that at this time we need to put our faith and trust in the universal flow of the Divine.

Core Meaning- Guidance, serenity, and hope.




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