Ace of Wands

My thought– I see a castle in the background. When I see the wands suit, I think of walking sticks, which people in the middle class in middle ages. The wand is red, making me think of Fire, passion, drive. I like how the hand that is giving the world the wand is also giving us a thumbs up too. It makes me think that we should go for it, and I don’t know what to go for.

The book – LIke all of the aces, the Ace of Wands is a gift or unexpected opportunity. The aces indicate a moment in time filled with fortuitous possibility. The power of the aces shows up in our lives when circumstances are just right for action. Acting quickly is the best way to take advantage of the aces, as these moments do not last long. Aces are also seeds of great promise. Because this is a wands card, it contains the fiery energy of all the wands. This energy is manifested in several ways: passion, inspiration, courage, will, action, optimism. It is particularly suited for career-related activities and projects or plans of any sort. The Ace of Wands is the universe giving us a “Thumb’s up” sign. It tells us to “just do it” – act on that idea or accept that challenge.

The Universal Waite Card-  The image of the hand emerging from the cloud highlights the idea of a gift being given. The wand is alive, showing the potential for growth, the possibilities inherent in the gift. The cloud underlines the idea of a temporary moment: wait too long, and the circumstances will change

Core Meaning-  An opportunity to take action.


One thought on “Ace of Wands

  1. Your interpretation of this card is spot-on. For me, this always means a new passion… Sometimes it can mean a romantic relationship, but usually something among the more physical/casual end (as opposed to a new LOVE, which would be closer to the Ace of Cups). But it can mean a new hobby, a new passion in life, a new zest and enthusiastic energy after a period of weariness.

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