XVIII The Moon

My thoughts –  The moon has always been said to control the savage beast. It controls the tides also. On this card we see a dog and a wolf, both howling at the moon. There is also a lobster coming out of the water. The moon doesn’t look happy, but I wonder if that is because it has no light of its own, but only borrows from the sun. There are also two towers at the back of the card. 

The Book – The moon is a complex and uncertain card. The moon appears to change in teh sky each night, waxing and waning through its cycles, indicating a situation that is changing. The moon heightens the gifts of intuition and creativity. This card says, “Be careful; things are not necessarily as they seem.”

The Universal Waite Moon- Shines over a crayfish, representing deep fears, and a wolf, representing animalistic responses. A domesticated dog will bay like a wild creature under the influences of the moon. The path is a reminder to not be distracted or dismayed but to stick to your route. The towers represent a threshold (as in the High Priestess and Justice).  If we face our fears successfully, we will enter anew aspect of our journey.

Core Meaning – A situation of flux and uncertainty, either fraught with deception or revealing important truths.


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