XX Judgement

My thoughts- Being raised Christian, my first thought is about Judgement day. The dead rising from the grave. I honestly don’t know what to think about this card. Maybe it means the big finish of something. The people seem very happy. The angel reminds me of the one from The Lovers and Temperance. 

The Book – This card could benefit from a new title. Too many of us see it and think that it means we are being judged- that meaning, though, belongs to the Justice card. This card is about hearing a call and answering it. The image shows the dead, lifeless, and stagnant people being awoken; by responding to the call, they find renewed life. This card is also associated with forgiveness. So, Judgement can mean a call of any sort. Whether or not we act on the call determines the ultimate outcome.

The Universal Waite card – shows a stereotypical Judgement Day scene. The dead, in their caskets, represent the limiting boxes we find ourselves in – and need, sometimes, to be called from. The figures are welcoming the call, glad to be awakened from their lifeless states.

Core Meaning –  Hearing and heeding a call.



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