XXI The World

My thoughts- Okay, we have made it to our last card of the Major Arcana. The World card reminds me of the Wheel of Fortune card. When I see this card I think of Self-Awareness. 

The  book – The World, a glorious card that we are always happy to get, has something in common with the Death card, one most of us prefer not to see. It is, like Death, an ending. However, death is usually something that happens; the World is something we achieve. The world indicates a successful outcome to the situation or an undertaking. At this moment, everything has clicked into place. We understand ourselves and our place in the world. The World also has much in common with the Fool, for it too marks a new beginning.

The Universal Waite World- is very bold in its statement of success, for it depicts a huge laurel wreath. The actual success is dominant, but the idea of universal connection is also present in the same four fixed signs of the zodiac that are in the Wheel of Fortune and red ribbons on the wreath that form lemniscates.

Core Meaning – Successful completion.



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