Two of Wands



My thoughts-  This man is looking past the world that he holds in his hands. Maybe he is disappointed with what he has and wants more, which is why he is looking off into the distance, wondering what is out there. There is also a stone with lilies and roses on it, like the flowers below the magician.

The book-  The Two of Wands indicates balance between energy and vision. To accomplish something, we need the necessary energy. This card says that it is time to gather or generate that energy. An abundance of energy without direction doesn’t accomplish much, though. It is time to identify intentions, to see the goal very clearly. The act of focusing on the desired outcome is also an act of manifestation.

The Universal Waite card- Highlights the importance of energy coupled with vision by showing it three times. The man is holding the world (his vision) and a wand (energy); he has these well in hand and in his control. There is also a wand nearby and he is gazing out to sea, indicating that he continues to gather energy and to refine and expand his vision. He steadies his wand atop a cube decorated with white lilies and red roses, symbols of purity of intention (vision) and passion (energy), respectively.

Core Meaning- Gathering energy while refining your vision.




2 thoughts on “Two of Wands

  1. I really like your process here. You look at the card and formulate your own ideas first, instead of immediately looking up the meaning in the book. In my opinion, that’s a much better way of learning, than simply trying to memorize the meanings.

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