Three of Wands

Okay. Just a warning but I am doing this from my phone. This will be an experiment.

My thoughts – Why, in these pictures are they only actively holding one of the sticks? We have two hands. I like that there are little shoots if green (new life) in these wands. The man is watching and waiting, but looks like he is getting ready for something. It almost makes me anxious to look at this card, I wonder what will happen next.

The book- in the Two of Wands, there is focus on gathering and releasing energy toward a vision. The Three of Wands is the time between the energy being released and the goal being realized. It is a time of strong belief in the desired outcome, watching for it, doing what is possible to ease it’s progress, and being ready to act once it arrives.

The Universal Waite card – The figure is waiting for his ship to come in. The assumption is that it is certainly on its way, so he’d best be on the lookout for it.

Core Meaning : active waiting.

No wonder this card makes me anxious, it’s about waiting for something to happen. Not really knowing when, just that it will.



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