Four of Wands

images (3)My thoughts- When I first saw this card I thought of a wedding because of the canopy and flowers. There is a lot of yellow in this card and it is outside of the fort (castle, town, village).

The Book- In the Four of Wands, we see the final result of a plan. The formal education is over, the harvest is in, the event came off without a hitch, or the job promotion was granted- the work is done, and now it is time to celebrate.

The Universal Waite card- shows the social aspect of the celebration, with many people involved- and with more on the way, as the women raise their bouquets in greeting. The bower made of wands and the flower garland give the sense of temporariness. This is a celebration and not a permanent way of life. Have fun, and enjoy the moment.

Core Meaning- Celebrating the culmination of events or the manifestation of a goal.

OKay, so this isn’t a wedding celebration, but it is a celebration. For some reason I don’t have much attachment to this card, I don’t feel for it, and i don’t have many ideas about it. Maybe I am blocked.


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