Six of Wands

wands06My thoughts- When I think about this card, there is a sense of victory that wells up inside me. The rider reminds me of a champion returning home victorious. The color green also makes me think of success, but I don’t know that that is what the color is associated to. There is also a wreath on his wand/stick.

The book- Unlike the communal celebration in the Four of Wands, this card focuses on the recognition and celebration of the accomplishment of a sing person. It is a happy and public occasion for the one being recognized. Victory of some sort is inferred.

The Universal Waite Card- Shows a public in the background. They set the stage, but it is the figure on horseback that is the focus. He wears and carries laurel wreaths, symbols of honor. The audience lifts their wands as if in unity with the hero. This card conveys the feeling that although one person is being honored, everyone benefits in some way.

Core Meaning- Recognition of achievement. (But whose)


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