Seven of Wands

images (5)My thoughts- I feel inner struggle when I look at this card. The man doesn’t look happy and he looks like he is working hard at something that isn’t pleasurable to him. Another thought, he is wielding his stick as if a weapon, he may be fighting off others. He is in a power stance.

The book- Being in a defensive position implies two things: having something to defend and being attacked. Whatever the details, feeling defensive usually is not a pleasant or enjoyable experience. It is easy to feel judged, abused, or unjustly treated. However, there are those who do enjoy the opportunity to use their courage and determination in this manner.

The Universal Waite Card- Shows a figure defending himself from higher ground, usually considered a favorable position. He seems to be we prepared. Although outnumbered, it looks as though he could prevail.

Core Meaning- Defensiveness.

No wonder I felt so bad/anxious inside, I don’t like being attacked.


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