Tarot Reversals… What and Why

Tarot Reversals… What and Why.

As I’m learning I am faced with this problem. I am someone who likes to learn from books, or at least read a lot of them. I recently got a book all about reversed cards, and then I got one that said not to read reversed cards. I myself have chosen to read reversed cards but am only learning the upright meanings first. Yes it may take longer, but I think it is easier to learn one way at a time. This is an interesting blog post to read as well.


2 thoughts on “Tarot Reversals… What and Why

  1. So click that link at the top and read what Mistress Morrigan has to say about it. This woman is a wealth of knowledge. Go on…. click it… click it… click it, you know you want to!

  2. I did that, too, when I was learning. For the first year or two, I just read the upright meanings. But I never turned the cards upright during a reading. If they come up upside-down, I just left them that way. After awhile, without even realizing it, I was just starting to associate a different meaning and different tone when the card was reversed. It didn’t really even take a whole lot of effort on my part. Maybe just a little reading and research to polish my own interpretations, but that’s it. So that’s what I would suggest. Don’t worry about reversals, but allow reversed cards to remain in your readings. You’ll start to see them differently after awhile.

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