Cards, how I have missed thee

hey guys.

It it has been awhile since I have posted. Work is crazy and life is crazy. I have gotten a couple of new decks, a few are just decorative. I really like collecting them. I found a book that actually kinda gave me a breakthrough with the cards and their meaning.

The 2-hour tarot tutor.  I highly recommend this book. I fist checked it out of my local library, surprised that they had it in the first place, and the. I had to buy it. It was all super simple.

Now im trying to open up my intuition more, any suggestions?

My birthday is coming up soon, which means another year spread. Woohoo

i also joined and indigo project for a deck of tarot cards to support breast cancer research. It should be released in October. I can’t wait to share a few of the pictures.

My my stepdad made me a box that can hold three decks of cards. I’m going to put my favorite ones in there: Native American, fairy lights, and probably my larger rider-white deck.

It has been great to catch up and I’ve missed you all, except the people who keep leaving me “turn to God” and “this is what the bible says about what you do” comments. Ugh. Anyway. Until next time, be careful, find the joy in the little things, and have fun.


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