It’s just blank. 

Every time I look at certain cards I get nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. These cards frustrate me to no end. At most, I can come up with one thing but it makes no sense to me. Do you have cards like that? What are they? How do you try and get closer to them?
Mine are as follow with as much as I have gotten from them over the last couple of years. 

  1. The star – out pour, letting go of modesty
  2. The moon – deceit, push and pull
  1. Ace of coins- a gift
  2. 2 of coins- balance
  3. 3 of coins- construction or plans
  4. 4 of coins- ???
  5. 5 of coins- struggle
  6. 10 of coins- benefactor?
  7. Page of coins- ???
  8. Knight of coins – slow or no movement?
  9. Queen of coins- thoughtful woman 
  10. King of coins- hiding behind something – a mask
  1. Ace of swords- a gift, two edges to every blade?
  2. 7 of swords- not being happy with all that you have but looking back to see what you are missing
  3. Page of swords- ???
  4. Queen of swords- a lonely woman
  5. King of swords – ???
  1. Ace of wands – a gift, a new job?
  2. 8 of wands- ??? 
  3. Page of wands- contemplation 
  4. Knight of wands- movement towards the west
  5. Queen of wands – ???
  6. King of wands- ???
  1. Ace of cups- over flowing emotion. 
  2. Page of cups- talking to a fish??????
  3. Queen of cups- a woman stuck in the past
  4. King of cups- a drunk and emotional man. 

Like most people, I have trouble with the court cards. I have never understood the aces. 

What are the cards you have problems with? What do you think of the cards I don’t understand. What are your meanings for them? Why do you think I can’t get a read on these cards?