Okay, I have been studying from a book called Tarot for Yourself : A Workbook For Personal Transformation By Mary K. Greer.

So far I like it. But it asked me to lay out my trump cards and pick a card that calls to you. So I layed out my first deck (Rider Waite), none of the cards really call to me. I lay out my second deck (Fairy Tarot), they are all very beautiful and I notice that 8 and 11 have been switched (Strength and Justice) I reverse them and look again, nothing really calls to me. I lay out my third deck (Native American Tarot), two cards sorta call to me, but not convincingly. I lay out my fourth deck (Troth), Again, 8 and 11 are reversed, two cards kinda call out to me, again, not convincingly. So I look at the four cards that call to me and picked out a card…. So, my question isn’t why do these cards call to me, but Why are Strength and Justice in each others place? Do you know?

Okay… I’m bored… How about a reading!!!

I will stick with my standard three card spread. What shall the question be?

How can I better get along with my step dad?

The Hanged Man, Judgement, The Tower…


On the surface… this kinda looks like our relationship. We silently accepted each other, we are okay right now (Its not always like this), And a huge fight is never too far away.

The Hanged Man- Silent acceptance

Judgement- A call of some sort (maybe me actually seeking to make our relationship better)

The Tower- To break through, we must break down… maybe its the barriers that we have both put up, maybe its just a fight that will make us realize that he have just be cruel to each other in the past.


Answer- To get a better relationship with my step dad, we need to sit down and air out all of our difference, this might lead to a fight but in the end we might just be the better for it.


XIV Temperance 2.0

I had an aha moment when I was looking at my new deck of Native American Tarot, temperance is about a balance. XIV, in the NATD (Native American Tarot Deck), is The Weaver. It clicked that you don’t want it to be to tight and you don’t want it to be to loose when it comes to weaving. You need balance…. AHA!!!! Lightbulb! 

The Major Arcana

Although usually considered the important cards in the deck – they are, after all, the “Big” secrets – the Major Arcana cards are often among the easiest to interpret. In addition to their core meanings, the Major Arcana cards bring an air of importance to a reading. They are, by name and nature, significant experiences, and their presence indicates a life lesson or experience. Like their historic role as trump cards, they can change the direction of the querent’s life.

XXI The World

My thoughts- Okay, we have made it to our last card of the Major Arcana. The World card reminds me of the Wheel of Fortune card. When I see this card I think of Self-Awareness. 

The  book – The World, a glorious card that we are always happy to get, has something in common with the Death card, one most of us prefer not to see. It is, like Death, an ending. However, death is usually something that happens; the World is something we achieve. The world indicates a successful outcome to the situation or an undertaking. At this moment, everything has clicked into place. We understand ourselves and our place in the world. The World also has much in common with the Fool, for it too marks a new beginning.

The Universal Waite World- is very bold in its statement of success, for it depicts a huge laurel wreath. The actual success is dominant, but the idea of universal connection is also present in the same four fixed signs of the zodiac that are in the Wheel of Fortune and red ribbons on the wreath that form lemniscates.

Core Meaning – Successful completion.


XX Judgement

My thoughts- Being raised Christian, my first thought is about Judgement day. The dead rising from the grave. I honestly don’t know what to think about this card. Maybe it means the big finish of something. The people seem very happy. The angel reminds me of the one from The Lovers and Temperance. 

The Book – This card could benefit from a new title. Too many of us see it and think that it means we are being judged- that meaning, though, belongs to the Justice card. This card is about hearing a call and answering it. The image shows the dead, lifeless, and stagnant people being awoken; by responding to the call, they find renewed life. This card is also associated with forgiveness. So, Judgement can mean a call of any sort. Whether or not we act on the call determines the ultimate outcome.

The Universal Waite card – shows a stereotypical Judgement Day scene. The dead, in their caskets, represent the limiting boxes we find ourselves in – and need, sometimes, to be called from. The figures are welcoming the call, glad to be awakened from their lifeless states.

Core Meaning –  Hearing and heeding a call.


XIX The Sun


My Thoughts – When I see this card I think of happiness. That could because I live in Alaska, and in a rainforest, lets just say, I miss the sunshine of the South. Look how happy the little cherub looking person is. Not to mention that Sunflowers are my favorite flower. The face in the sun looks kinda bored. 

The Book – Unlike the Moon, this card is straightforward. Like a perfect sunny day, it is positive, happy, and joyful. What was in the darkness is now revealed. Unlike the tower, which brings a clarity that changes everything, the Sun brings a clarity that says all is right with the world. The sun i s the quintessential feeling of being present in a particularly good moment: everything is exactly as it should be.

The Universal Waite card- Shows a child riding a white horse, symbolizing an innocent and childlike acceptance of joy. The Sunflowers indicate optimism.

Core Meaning – Clarity that brings joy.