Tarot Reversals… What and Why

Tarot Reversals… What and Why.

As I’m learning I am faced with this problem. I am someone who likes to learn from books, or at least read a lot of them. I recently got a book all about reversed cards, and then I got one that said not to read reversed cards. I myself have chosen to read reversed cards but am only learning the upright meanings first. Yes it may take longer, but I think it is easier to learn one way at a time. This is an interesting blog post to read as well.

Tarobytes: Temperance

When I draw a card to represent me, I usually get this one. So I wanted to reblog it so that I could read it again and again to try and understand why.

Modern Oracle Archives


Being your true self, openly, honestly, consistently makes it easier to keep a balance between your public life and your private life.

Wear different hats…not different masks.

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Interpreting a Tarot Reading

I enjoyed this interpretation.

The Informed Pagan

Please help me if you can. I’m new to tarot cards. I decided to do a reading for myself. I asked the cards if I would become pregnant soon?

This are the cards I did a 4 cards spread.

  1. )past: reversed five pentacles
  2. )present: reversed wheel of fortune
  3. )future: reversed devil
  4. )distant future: reversed the tower

If you can, can you please tell me what the cards are trying to say?

Please note… divination is not my thing. I’ve studied it some, but do not use my cards on a regular basis, other than for myself. I make no claims to being any sort of expert, or make any sort of guarantees that what is listed here will in fact come to pass as I’ve described. The following is my two cents for what it’s worth, just based on my initial impressions of the cards. I’ve included links to basic…

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