Ace of Cups

My thoughts- yay, my favorite suit. For some reason this suit appeals to me. The Ace of Cups seems to be overflowing or springing forth of water. There is a lot of white in this card. The hand, the dove, the coin(?). There are red roses in the water, I’m surprise there aren’t white lilies too.

The Book- Like all of the aces, the Ace of Cups is a gift or unexpected opportunity and possibility. Because this card is a cups card, it contains the watery energy of all the cups. This energy is manifested in several ways: love, affection, healing, intuition, and creativity. It is particularly suited for relationships, artistic endeavors, and spiritual journeys. The Ace of Cups invites us to drink deeply and be fulfilled- or, better yet, just jump right in.

The Universal Waite card- The proffered chalice has a distinctively Catholic look to it. This is not surprising, as Waite came from a Christian background. Rather than focus on the engulfing and sometimes overwhelming experience of human emotions, this card represents divine love, healing, and grace.

Core Meaning- An opportunity for an emotional experience or growth.



Ten of Wands

images (6)My Thoughts-  Okay, we are at the end of the wands (excluding the court cards, which will have their own section) I have to say that I’m excited to move on to the next one. OKay, on to the card. This man has gathered up all of the wands/sticks. That can’t be easy to carry. Trust me, I’ve tried, there are easier ways, but that is not one of them. Why not find an easier way to do it?

The book- Burdens come in many forms: responsibilities, the expectations of others, necessities. In and of itself, this card doesn’t tell us whether we should lay down the burden, find a better way to carry it, or just keep carrying it. It simply shows that it exists.

The Universal Waite card- shows a figure carrying a great unwieldy load while walking toward a goal. This load makes the journey harder but not impossible. The implication here is that the goals of getting to the house and carrying the wands can both be achieved. One can hardly resist asking, though, might there not be a better way to carry the wands?

Core Meaning- Carrying a large burden or many burdens.

That is just like me, trying to solve everyone’s problem, but my own. I never have any clue about how to solve mine. *sigh*

Nine of Wands

download (1)My thoughts- This guy just looks like he is done with all of it. What it is, I don’t know. There is lots of yellow in this card. He seems to be leaning on his walking stick, it is also the only one not standing up straight.

The Book-  While this card doesn’t depict the most pleasant of experiences, it does depict something powerful, beautiful, and honorable. In this card, we find the element of wands, fire, at its best, representing the strength of the human spirit. This is a card of having been tried by fire and made better for it. Reliance, strength, patience, vigilance, courage, and wisdom are hard-won virtues. But there is also a certain sadness to the card, n expectation of a renewed attack. The Nine of Wands indicates that the person in question has been through a hard time, has survived, and has become stronger. It also says that the person is expecting and ready for another challenge.

The Universal Waite Card- The wounded figure has regrouped. He watches the horizon and waits for what is to come without illusions and with the resolve to face it as best he can. The focus of this card is quiet, patient readiness and total self-reliance.

Core Meaning- Preparing for the next challenge

Eight of Wands

images (4)My thoughts- I don’t know if my anxiety is still left over from the Seven of Wands or I feel anxious to get ahead when I look at this card, as in a race, but I still feel anxious but not as much so and it is going away slowly. I feel like these wands are racing, but they are slanted down, indicating a decline. I feel like things are on the downhill slide of whatever the journey is  of the Wands.

The Book- Sometimes events move very quickly, and this card represents those moments. In the Eight of Wands, swift action is the only guarantee. It can upset the best-laid plans. It can beneficially facilitate everything. It can sweep us off our feet and carry us in another direction entirely.

The Universal Waite Card- Shows events already in motion heading toward their ultimate conclusion. In this card, the focus is on the events, their motion, and our lack of further control in the situation.

Core Meaning- Swift movement.

Eh, I wasn’t to far off. Downhill slide-> conclusion.

Seven of Wands

images (5)My thoughts- I feel inner struggle when I look at this card. The man doesn’t look happy and he looks like he is working hard at something that isn’t pleasurable to him. Another thought, he is wielding his stick as if a weapon, he may be fighting off others. He is in a power stance.

The book- Being in a defensive position implies two things: having something to defend and being attacked. Whatever the details, feeling defensive usually is not a pleasant or enjoyable experience. It is easy to feel judged, abused, or unjustly treated. However, there are those who do enjoy the opportunity to use their courage and determination in this manner.

The Universal Waite Card- Shows a figure defending himself from higher ground, usually considered a favorable position. He seems to be we prepared. Although outnumbered, it looks as though he could prevail.

Core Meaning- Defensiveness.

No wonder I felt so bad/anxious inside, I don’t like being attacked.

Six of Wands

wands06My thoughts- When I think about this card, there is a sense of victory that wells up inside me. The rider reminds me of a champion returning home victorious. The color green also makes me think of success, but I don’t know that that is what the color is associated to. There is also a wreath on his wand/stick.

The book- Unlike the communal celebration in the Four of Wands, this card focuses on the recognition and celebration of the accomplishment of a sing person. It is a happy and public occasion for the one being recognized. Victory of some sort is inferred.

The Universal Waite Card- Shows a public in the background. They set the stage, but it is the figure on horseback that is the focus. He wears and carries laurel wreaths, symbols of honor. The audience lifts their wands as if in unity with the hero. This card conveys the feeling that although one person is being honored, everyone benefits in some way.

Core Meaning- Recognition of achievement. (But whose)

Five of Wands

downloadMy thoughts- When I first saw this card I thought of five guys  fighting, but when I looked closer I see that they are helping eachother. But, what are they helping to do, build something? To me, I see that they look like they will succeed. I’m hopeful about this card.

The Book- The intensity of conflict can range from competition, which is usually viewed as positive, to aggressive anger, which is generally considered negative. At its base, conflict is people finding their wills or desires being thwarted by other people’s wills or desires.

The Universal Waite card- Shows many people involved, indicating a group situation. They all seem almost playful at the moment, indicating more of a contest, or competition, rather than a fight.

Core meaning- Conflict.


So, I wasn’t to far off. This makes me hopeful.

Four of Wands

images (3)My thoughts- When I first saw this card I thought of a wedding because of the canopy and flowers. There is a lot of yellow in this card and it is outside of the fort (castle, town, village).

The Book- In the Four of Wands, we see the final result of a plan. The formal education is over, the harvest is in, the event came off without a hitch, or the job promotion was granted- the work is done, and now it is time to celebrate.

The Universal Waite card- shows the social aspect of the celebration, with many people involved- and with more on the way, as the women raise their bouquets in greeting. The bower made of wands and the flower garland give the sense of temporariness. This is a celebration and not a permanent way of life. Have fun, and enjoy the moment.

Core Meaning- Celebrating the culmination of events or the manifestation of a goal.

OKay, so this isn’t a wedding celebration, but it is a celebration. For some reason I don’t have much attachment to this card, I don’t feel for it, and i don’t have many ideas about it. Maybe I am blocked.

Three of Wands

Okay. Just a warning but I am doing this from my phone. This will be an experiment.

My thoughts – Why, in these pictures are they only actively holding one of the sticks? We have two hands. I like that there are little shoots if green (new life) in these wands. The man is watching and waiting, but looks like he is getting ready for something. It almost makes me anxious to look at this card, I wonder what will happen next.

The book- in the Two of Wands, there is focus on gathering and releasing energy toward a vision. The Three of Wands is the time between the energy being released and the goal being realized. It is a time of strong belief in the desired outcome, watching for it, doing what is possible to ease it’s progress, and being ready to act once it arrives.

The Universal Waite card – The figure is waiting for his ship to come in. The assumption is that it is certainly on its way, so he’d best be on the lookout for it.

Core Meaning : active waiting.

No wonder this card makes me anxious, it’s about waiting for something to happen. Not really knowing when, just that it will.


Two of Wands



My thoughts-  This man is looking past the world that he holds in his hands. Maybe he is disappointed with what he has and wants more, which is why he is looking off into the distance, wondering what is out there. There is also a stone with lilies and roses on it, like the flowers below the magician.

The book-  The Two of Wands indicates balance between energy and vision. To accomplish something, we need the necessary energy. This card says that it is time to gather or generate that energy. An abundance of energy without direction doesn’t accomplish much, though. It is time to identify intentions, to see the goal very clearly. The act of focusing on the desired outcome is also an act of manifestation.

The Universal Waite card- Highlights the importance of energy coupled with vision by showing it three times. The man is holding the world (his vision) and a wand (energy); he has these well in hand and in his control. There is also a wand nearby and he is gazing out to sea, indicating that he continues to gather energy and to refine and expand his vision. He steadies his wand atop a cube decorated with white lilies and red roses, symbols of purity of intention (vision) and passion (energy), respectively.

Core Meaning- Gathering energy while refining your vision.