It’s just blank. 

Every time I look at certain cards I get nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. These cards frustrate me to no end. At most, I can come up with one thing but it makes no sense to me. Do you have cards like that? What are they? How do you try and get closer to them?
Mine are as follow with as much as I have gotten from them over the last couple of years. 

  1. The star – out pour, letting go of modesty
  2. The moon – deceit, push and pull
  1. Ace of coins- a gift
  2. 2 of coins- balance
  3. 3 of coins- construction or plans
  4. 4 of coins- ???
  5. 5 of coins- struggle
  6. 10 of coins- benefactor?
  7. Page of coins- ???
  8. Knight of coins – slow or no movement?
  9. Queen of coins- thoughtful woman 
  10. King of coins- hiding behind something – a mask
  1. Ace of swords- a gift, two edges to every blade?
  2. 7 of swords- not being happy with all that you have but looking back to see what you are missing
  3. Page of swords- ???
  4. Queen of swords- a lonely woman
  5. King of swords – ???
  1. Ace of wands – a gift, a new job?
  2. 8 of wands- ??? 
  3. Page of wands- contemplation 
  4. Knight of wands- movement towards the west
  5. Queen of wands – ???
  6. King of wands- ???
  1. Ace of cups- over flowing emotion. 
  2. Page of cups- talking to a fish??????
  3. Queen of cups- a woman stuck in the past
  4. King of cups- a drunk and emotional man. 

Like most people, I have trouble with the court cards. I have never understood the aces. 

What are the cards you have problems with? What do you think of the cards I don’t understand. What are your meanings for them? Why do you think I can’t get a read on these cards? 

Cards, how I have missed thee

hey guys.

It it has been awhile since I have posted. Work is crazy and life is crazy. I have gotten a couple of new decks, a few are just decorative. I really like collecting them. I found a book that actually kinda gave me a breakthrough with the cards and their meaning.

The 2-hour tarot tutor.  I highly recommend this book. I fist checked it out of my local library, surprised that they had it in the first place, and the. I had to buy it. It was all super simple.

Now im trying to open up my intuition more, any suggestions?

My birthday is coming up soon, which means another year spread. Woohoo

i also joined and indigo project for a deck of tarot cards to support breast cancer research. It should be released in October. I can’t wait to share a few of the pictures.

My my stepdad made me a box that can hold three decks of cards. I’m going to put my favorite ones in there: Native American, fairy lights, and probably my larger rider-white deck.

It has been great to catch up and I’ve missed you all, except the people who keep leaving me “turn to God” and “this is what the bible says about what you do” comments. Ugh. Anyway. Until next time, be careful, find the joy in the little things, and have fun.



Okay. Life has been crazy but I haven’t forgotten about you. I have been warding off the comments from people try to get me to go to Jesus. I will tell you now that I do believe in God and Jesus. So please stop telling me that what I study and enjoy is going to make me go to hell. Thank you.
I have been working a lot, training and working late hours. So here is my one card reading today. I’ve been feeling anxious lately, a little sad, and my husband and I have been “arguing”. We don’t really argue, one if us snaps at the other, we are silent for about ten minutes, and then we both say we are sorry.
Today I’m asking the cards for advice, I’m just going to shuffle the cards while asking the deck for advice and then when a card or even a few cards fall out I will read them. I’m using my Native American deck.

One of vessels (cups), four of shields (coins), and four of pipes (wands), all fell out at the same time.

LWB – one of vessels- the essence of the ace of vessels is the fulfillment, the beginning of, or the renewal of love.

Four of shields-the essence of the silence is the act of looking inward for a solution to life’s problems. Silence is a time of inner tranquility and peace.

Four of pipes- the essence of Honor is success attracted by forethought and humility.

Wow. My Native American tarot deck always cuts through all my bullshit to tell me what I need to know.

I’m lost

Today, for the first time in about two months, I am without a deck. I usually have about two or three decks in my bag at all times, but I walked out of the house this morning without my decks (they are on the bookshelf). I usually shuffle my deck several times a day, whenever I have something on my mind, whenever a question is asked that doesn’t have an answer. I don’t like this feeling of being lost. I have grown attached to my cards.


What do you do when you don’t have a deck with you?

Birthday Presents

Okay, so no one wanted my free readings, and that is okay. But I got some tarot decks and books for my birthday!!!! I’m now 23 and have four decks and two coming in the mail! I haven’t interviewed my newest deck yet but I will. I’ve been uber tired lately and I don’t know why, it might be because the seasons are changing in Alaska and we are starting to get less sun, who knows. I’ve been working like crazy and still studying, Ill post some more up when I get a chance.


Love, Peace, and Happiness to everyone.



Can you believe it, we are almost done with the Major Arcana!!! We only have two cards left. I honestly never thought I would get this far in learning the tarot. I’m so very proud with myself. I don’t know about you, but this is pretty cool.

XVII The Star

My thoughts –  I think I read somewhere about  how the star is just letting it all hang out there in the open. I mean, the lady is naked in the middle of the night, and she is actually pouring water out of the jugs. Her hair is down. She isn’t hiding anything. I think this card means truth or that the truth is coming out. Maybe it is also a warning that you are telling to much, or maybe it is advice that you need to be more open. 

The book –  This card brings refreshment and cleansing after trouble. It promises restored faith and renewed purpose.

The Universal Waite Star – Is naked, symbolizing being at our most vulnerable. She pours water from the twin pitchers of faith and trust, showing that at this time we need to put our faith and trust in the universal flow of the Divine.

Core Meaning- Guidance, serenity, and hope.



My appologies

Okay. So, I know that it has been awhile, but as you know, life gets crazy. I’m married, moved towns, and ready to start again. If you are with me, we can start where we left off. I have a tarot deck or two coming in the mail. and 1000 tarot spreads. So this should be a great journey. I will try and blog once a week. Some weeks there may be more, some there may be less. I work crazy hours, but I am planning on taking this serious again. 

So, here goes nothing.