Two of Cups

download (2)My thoughts- I honestly don’t have many thoughts about this card. I see the medical symbol (I think) connected to a red lion’s head with wings. In the distance is a white house with a red roof, I don’t know that that means anything. There is a man and a woman, the man seems to be reaching for the woman’s cup. His wreath is red, her shoes are red, the lion with wings and the roof are red. I honestly feel kinda bland about this card. I have no strong emotions one way or the other towards this card.

The book- The two of Cups is a welcome card for those interested in a new relationship, for it is about that exciting time when people first meet and acknowledge their attraction. The card doesn’t necessarily say if the connection will be long lasting or whether it will be entirely good; it simply says that it exists.

The Universal Waite Card- Focuses on the powerful effects of a relationship based on such an emotional connection. The behavior of the two figures is very formal and dignified. If they touch at all, it is possible their fingertips brush as his hand reaches toward her cup. From their union healing arises, symbolized by the caduceus. In addition, this partnership elevates our base animal tendencies, as shown by the lion with wings. 

Core Meaning-  Deep emotional connection or attraction.