Six of Cups

My thoughts- This card reminds me of the happiness of childhood. Picking flowers and playing with friends. Every cup in this card is filled with what I’m assuming are white lilies. The two children are in the town square. There is on person in the background… reminding me that I was never without supervision as a child, especially in public.

The book- Although we do have happy memories, sad memories, and every sort in between, the Six of Cups is about the pleasant ones. The role those memories play in our current lives depends on circumstances. The memory in question can be from the distant past or it could be one in the making. Like all the cards, it must be read in context.

The Universal Waite Card- is a scene of sweet and gentle kindness. The white flowers in the ups symbolize innocent pleasures and gifts without strings. The image may strike some as being too idyllic or overly sentimental, leading some to read this card as romanticizing the past.

Core Meaning- Happy memories.


What are some of your happy memories?

Three of Cups

My thoughts-  There are three people holding up three cups. They seem to be toasting something. I have always found it slightly unsettling that I cant really see the third persons face. They are each crossing the other’s arms with theirs. If you got an aerial view you would see a triangle.

The Book- This card represents those moments or feelings of general goodwill, contentment, and the sense that everything is okay with the world… even if only for that moment. It is usually a shared experience, resulting from the synergy of the group, but it can be felt along, when happiness fills the heart for no apparent reason.

The Universal Waite Card- features abundance and simple pleasures, with its pumpkin and grapes. It looks like a feast or a party. The three women with their unlifted cups represent the social aspect and mutual affection. Fun frivolity, and overflowing happiness abound.

Core Meaning-  A spontaneous, unexpected joy or pleasure.

XIX The Sun


My Thoughts – When I see this card I think of happiness. That could because I live in Alaska, and in a rainforest, lets just say, I miss the sunshine of the South. Look how happy the little cherub looking person is. Not to mention that Sunflowers are my favorite flower. The face in the sun looks kinda bored. 

The Book – Unlike the Moon, this card is straightforward. Like a perfect sunny day, it is positive, happy, and joyful. What was in the darkness is now revealed. Unlike the tower, which brings a clarity that changes everything, the Sun brings a clarity that says all is right with the world. The sun i s the quintessential feeling of being present in a particularly good moment: everything is exactly as it should be.

The Universal Waite card- Shows a child riding a white horse, symbolizing an innocent and childlike acceptance of joy. The Sunflowers indicate optimism.

Core Meaning – Clarity that brings joy.