Oh My Wow moment/reading

Okay, I’m just learning to read, as you know if you regularly check my blog/follow it and get updates. Here is a little back story of me. I’m 23, recently got married, am happy, and want to start a family with my amazing husband. Back story over. I often read for myself and my family because I don’t have an abundance of friends and family who want me to read for them. So I have wanted to start a family and was reading up on how to phrase questions to get better answers and to take control of my life and not make it sound like I am leaving it up to fate.

Question- I would really like to start a family with my husband. How can I change and/or better prepare myself for this wonderful blessing to come into my life?

Answer- 7 of Cups Р(LWB) Precious gifts are offered to you all the time, but you may not fully appreciate them. Take stock of what you already have before you seek more. So, basically, be happy with what I have right now. It will happen eventually. Duh, Becka!