Ten of Cups

My thoughts- Happiness. The completion of something but it was a good ending. I don’t feel sad about his ending. There is a large amount of blue in this card. The couple looks happy and so do the children.

The book- The Ten of Cups shows the range of emotions found in a happy home: contentment, comfort, joy, playfulness, and affection.

The Universal Waite Card– The adults look skyward with arms upraised, acknowledging the role of the Divine, or spirituality, in their happiness. The children dance and play. The river in the card shows how their relationships flow through and nourish their lives.

Core Meaning-  Happy home.




Okay, I have been studying from a book called Tarot for Yourself : A Workbook For Personal Transformation By Mary K. Greer.

So far I like it. But it asked me to lay out my trump cards and pick a card that calls to you. So I layed out my first deck (Rider Waite), none of the cards really call to me. I lay out my second deck (Fairy Tarot), they are all very beautiful and I notice that 8 and 11 have been switched (Strength and Justice) I reverse them and look again, nothing really calls to me. I lay out my third deck (Native American Tarot), two cards sorta call to me, but not convincingly. I lay out my fourth deck (Troth), Again, 8 and 11 are reversed, two cards kinda call out to me, again, not convincingly. So I look at the four cards that call to me and picked out a card…. So, my question isn’t why do these cards call to me, but Why are Strength and Justice in each others place? Do you know?

Eight of Wands

images (4)My thoughts- I don’t know if my anxiety is still left over from the Seven of Wands or I feel anxious to get ahead when I look at this card, as in a race, but I still feel anxious but not as much so and it is going away slowly. I feel like these wands are racing, but they are slanted down, indicating a decline. I feel like things are on the downhill slide of whatever the journey is  of the Wands.

The Book- Sometimes events move very quickly, and this card represents those moments. In the Eight of Wands, swift action is the only guarantee. It can upset the best-laid plans. It can beneficially facilitate everything. It can sweep us off our feet and carry us in another direction entirely.

The Universal Waite Card- Shows events already in motion heading toward their ultimate conclusion. In this card, the focus is on the events, their motion, and our lack of further control in the situation.

Core Meaning- Swift movement.

Eh, I wasn’t to far off. Downhill slide-> conclusion.

Ace of Wands

My thought– I see a castle in the background. When I see the wands suit, I think of walking sticks, which people in the middle class in middle ages. The wand is red, making me think of Fire, passion, drive. I like how the hand that is giving the world the wand is also giving us a thumbs up too. It makes me think that we should go for it, and I don’t know what to go for.

The book – LIke all of the aces, the Ace of Wands is a gift or unexpected opportunity. The aces indicate a moment in time filled with fortuitous possibility. The power of the aces shows up in our lives when circumstances are just right for action. Acting quickly is the best way to take advantage of the aces, as these moments do not last long. Aces are also seeds of great promise. Because this is a wands card, it contains the fiery energy of all the wands. This energy is manifested in several ways: passion, inspiration, courage, will, action, optimism. It is particularly suited for career-related activities and projects or plans of any sort. The Ace of Wands is the universe giving us a “Thumb’s up” sign. It tells us to “just do it” – act on that idea or accept that challenge.

The Universal Waite Card-  The image of the hand emerging from the cloud highlights the idea of a gift being given. The wand is alive, showing the potential for growth, the possibilities inherent in the gift. The cloud underlines the idea of a temporary moment: wait too long, and the circumstances will change

Core Meaning-  An opportunity to take action.

XIX The Sun


My Thoughts – When I see this card I think of happiness. That could because I live in Alaska, and in a rainforest, lets just say, I miss the sunshine of the South. Look how happy the little cherub looking person is. Not to mention that Sunflowers are my favorite flower. The face in the sun looks kinda bored. 

The Book – Unlike the Moon, this card is straightforward. Like a perfect sunny day, it is positive, happy, and joyful. What was in the darkness is now revealed. Unlike the tower, which brings a clarity that changes everything, the Sun brings a clarity that says all is right with the world. The sun i s the quintessential feeling of being present in a particularly good moment: everything is exactly as it should be.

The Universal Waite card- Shows a child riding a white horse, symbolizing an innocent and childlike acceptance of joy. The Sunflowers indicate optimism.

Core Meaning – Clarity that brings joy.

IX The Hermit


My thoughts– This man is old and shining a light. He is alone. He is wise. There is a lot of blue in this picture, which means the subconscious mind. He has a lot of wisdom that he wants to give. He is careful who he shares his wisdom with because information in the wrong hands can be dangerous, which is why he doesn’t like being around people. But is he a hermit by choice or circumstances?

The book– Most Hermit cards are in shades of blue, featuring a mysterious cloaked figure. The most predominant visual aspect is the light from the lantern. That light is the focus of this card; it represents our own spark of divinity. This card represents no longer listening to others; even, in this situation, removing others from their influence. It is our own truth that should lead us. In reality, this card is about an act of self-discovery. Having a clear, bright light- that knowing that guides our steps- can attract others who want to follow or learn. The Hermit, by definition, is solitary his life is an example, but his journey is not a public classroom.

The Universal Waite Hermit– Is so archetypal in appearance that he is almost a caricature. He is a wise old man using his truth to light his path. His staff, which is a very large wanted, represents his will, which has grown strong over the years and supports him on his journey.

Core Meaning: Retreating from distractions to determine your own truth.


So, how did you do? I didn’t do to well, but it wasn’t horrible right. After The Wheel of Fortune we will do another reading or maybe two. OOOOOh fun.