Nine of Cups

download (3)My thoughts- The guy on the card looks happy. His arms are crossed in simple defiance/ smugness. Look at all those cups!!! The two main colors are blue and yellow. I feel as if he is saying “That’s right, I have all the cups! What are you going to do about it?”

The book- In the days when playing cards were used for divination, the Nine of Hearts was called “the wish card”. It meant that your wish would come true. The Nine of Cups has that same promise, although there is a fine line between having what you want and wanting what you have. Both sides of that coin are in this card. It represents feeling satisfied and happy with what you have.

The Universal Waite card – shows a very contented man sitting proudly before his fine collection of chalices. Some interpret him as smug and focused too much on his possessions. But we must consider the symbolism. The cups are on a blue-draped table, representing a spiritual and healthy aspect. The man is facing us in a sociable manner, as if welcoming us, rather than obsessing about his possessions.

Core Meaning – Material, emotional, and physical well-being.


I still feel like he is smug about what he has. I don’t know why but this man makes me feel a little angry. What about you? What do you think of this card?

Eight of Wands

images (4)My thoughts- I don’t know if my anxiety is still left over from the Seven of Wands or I feel anxious to get ahead when I look at this card, as in a race, but I still feel anxious but not as much so and it is going away slowly. I feel like these wands are racing, but they are slanted down, indicating a decline. I feel like things are on the downhill slide of whatever the journey is  of the Wands.

The Book- Sometimes events move very quickly, and this card represents those moments. In the Eight of Wands, swift action is the only guarantee. It can upset the best-laid plans. It can beneficially facilitate everything. It can sweep us off our feet and carry us in another direction entirely.

The Universal Waite Card- Shows events already in motion heading toward their ultimate conclusion. In this card, the focus is on the events, their motion, and our lack of further control in the situation.

Core Meaning- Swift movement.

Eh, I wasn’t to far off. Downhill slide-> conclusion.

XVIII The Moon

My thoughts –  The moon has always been said to control the savage beast. It controls the tides also. On this card we see a dog and a wolf, both howling at the moon. There is also a lobster coming out of the water. The moon doesn’t look happy, but I wonder if that is because it has no light of its own, but only borrows from the sun. There are also two towers at the back of the card. 

The Book – The moon is a complex and uncertain card. The moon appears to change in teh sky each night, waxing and waning through its cycles, indicating a situation that is changing. The moon heightens the gifts of intuition and creativity. This card says, “Be careful; things are not necessarily as they seem.”

The Universal Waite Moon- Shines over a crayfish, representing deep fears, and a wolf, representing animalistic responses. A domesticated dog will bay like a wild creature under the influences of the moon. The path is a reminder to not be distracted or dismayed but to stick to your route. The towers represent a threshold (as in the High Priestess and Justice).  If we face our fears successfully, we will enter anew aspect of our journey.

Core Meaning – A situation of flux and uncertainty, either fraught with deception or revealing important truths.

X- Wheel of Fortune




My thoughts– The color blue is sticking out, but I see a nice balance of the other colors.The sphinx on top of the wheel is holding a sword. There are four “creatures” that are sporting wings which suggests air to me. I don’t know what the books suggest (each “creature” has one that is open) I don’t see any greenery. At the moment I don’t know what the symbols mean that are on the wheel. The orange figure reminds me of Anubis, the Egyptian Jackal-headed god of death. The title leads me to believe there are good things coming about. 

The Book– The only constant is change. The Wheel doesn’t always just turn – sometimes it is spun. This card does not represent the slow, expected turning, for why would something natural and expected need to be foretold? This card lets us know that the Wheel is about to be spun, meaning things may be up in the air for a bit. 

The Universal Waite Wheel- A sphinx sits at the top, representing mystery, riddles, and unpredictable spinning of the Wheel and the role of fate. The figures in the four corners represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac. It is a philosophical observation that the foundations of the world actually stay constant, and it is we who are the Wheel and doing the actual changing. 

Core meaning: Random change is at hand.

VIII Strength


My thoughts– We see the infinity symbol as from The Magician. There is lots of yellow, which personally makes me feel anxious, and represents the highest level of consciousness, which makes sense because one who is anxious is usually highly alert. It makes sense to me that she would be anxious or alert because she is touching a lion. I would be totally scared to touch a lion. We can see that she isn’t being eaten alive so she must have a trusting and calming nature about her. The orange of the lion means difficult challenges. Can you tame a lion? I know I can’t, and that would be difficult. From the name of the card I can draw that this woman represents strength, whether it is from will, faith or confidence, I don’t know. Maybe all of it. The lion is also a very strong force, being the king of the jungle and all that.

The book– The lion represents the practical, assertive, or even aggressive side of our will. A quieting, controlling influence creates another kind of power altogether. This type of strength can be respected without being feared. The gentle open hand transfer peace, soothing the situation.Interestingly, this card almost always features a female figure calming the beast, representing feminine energy. She usually touches his head- that is, she calms his thoughts and probably guides them in another direction, thereby taking control and redirecting the situation.

The Universal Waite Strength card– shows the connection between gentleness and the flow of divine power by pricturing a lemniscate of the woman’s head. Her white gown indicates the purity of her intention. The lion’s mouth is the center of the image, a focal point. He is being loud and dangerous. She says, “Hush now, be quiet, be calm.”

Core meaning: Calm control that soothes the situation.