Okay, I have been studying from a book called Tarot for Yourself : A Workbook For Personal Transformation By Mary K. Greer.

So far I like it. But it asked me to lay out my trump cards and pick a card that calls to you. So I layed out my first deck (Rider Waite), none of the cards really call to me. I lay out my second deck (Fairy Tarot), they are all very beautiful and I notice that 8 and 11 have been switched (Strength and Justice) I reverse them and look again, nothing really calls to me. I lay out my third deck (Native American Tarot), two cards sorta call to me, but not convincingly. I lay out my fourth deck (Troth), Again, 8 and 11 are reversed, two cards kinda call out to me, again, not convincingly. So I look at the four cards that call to me and picked out a card…. So, my question isn’t why do these cards call to me, but Why are Strength and Justice in each others place? Do you know?

VIII Strength


My thoughts– We see the infinity symbol as from The Magician. There is lots of yellow, which personally makes me feel anxious, and represents the highest level of consciousness, which makes sense because one who is anxious is usually highly alert. It makes sense to me that she would be anxious or alert because she is touching a lion. I would be totally scared to touch a lion. We can see that she isn’t being eaten alive so she must have a trusting and calming nature about her. The orange of the lion means difficult challenges. Can you tame a lion? I know I can’t, and that would be difficult. From the name of the card I can draw that this woman represents strength, whether it is from will, faith or confidence, I don’t know. Maybe all of it. The lion is also a very strong force, being the king of the jungle and all that.

The book– The lion represents the practical, assertive, or even aggressive side of our will. A quieting, controlling influence creates another kind of power altogether. This type of strength can be respected without being feared. The gentle open hand transfer peace, soothing the situation.Interestingly, this card almost always features a female figure calming the beast, representing feminine energy. She usually touches his head- that is, she calms his thoughts and probably guides them in another direction, thereby taking control and redirecting the situation.

The Universal Waite Strength card– shows the connection between gentleness and the flow of divine power by pricturing a lemniscate of the woman’s head. Her white gown indicates the purity of her intention. The lion’s mouth is the center of the image, a focal point. He is being loud and dangerous. She says, “Hush now, be quiet, be calm.”

Core meaning: Calm control that soothes the situation.