Okay, I have been studying from a book called Tarot for Yourself : A Workbook For Personal Transformation By Mary K. Greer.

So far I like it. But it asked me to lay out my trump cards and pick a card that calls to you. So I layed out my first deck (Rider Waite), none of the cards really call to me. I lay out my second deck (Fairy Tarot), they are all very beautiful and I notice that 8 and 11 have been switched (Strength and Justice) I reverse them and look again, nothing really calls to me. I lay out my third deck (Native American Tarot), two cards sorta call to me, but not convincingly. I lay out my fourth deck (Troth), Again, 8 and 11 are reversed, two cards kinda call out to me, again, not convincingly. So I look at the four cards that call to me and picked out a card…. So, my question isn’t why do these cards call to me, but Why are Strength and Justice in each others place? Do you know?


XIV Temperance

My thoughts– I see the angel pouring water from one cup to the next. Maybe the one cup was too full and so the second cup was needed. So maybe this card is about balance, a yin and yang harmony kinda thing. I think the wings are quite expansive and beautiful. 

The Book- Temperance is usually interpreted as balance or moderation. That is a good start, but it’s overly simplistic. Temperance is not about balance in terms of “equal parts”; instead, it has a more alchemical approach. This is about the right combination of parts, which may or may not be equal. This card is about the right parts coming together in a kind of magical way to create something wonderful. Like alchemy, it is the transmutation of lead into gold.

The Universal Waite card shows the angel with one foot on land and one in the water. The perfect balance allows magic to happen: the water is flowing between the cups in a way that defies gravity. The angel’s halo represents serenity, and the red wings are power; both are in exquisite balance. 

Core Meaning:  The right thing at the right time in the right place.

On a side note. When I pull a signifier card, this is the one I usually get for myself. The Troth deck version of this gets my attention every time.