My Year Ahead Spread- Birth month to Birth month

So I came up with my own spread, no one elses was really appealing to me, there may be one out there just like it, if you find it tell me and I will like it here. Thank you.

Picture a clock: the numbers going around the clock and in the center the two hands. The hands are 1 and 2 in our spread. The numbers start in the 1 position on the clock face but will actually be card three of our spread. If you would like to see a picture of it, tell me and Ill will do a really nice picture of it.

Position meanings

  1. Me this year
  2. My goal/ambition this year
  3. September ( My birthday is actully in August but it is at the end so I start with the next month, if yours is at the beginning I don’t see why you couldn’t keep your birth month in this position. And it is what ever your birth month/one after is.
  4. October
  5. November
  6. December
  7. January
  8. February
  9. March
  10. April
  11. May
  12. June
  13. July
  14. August


This is what I got:

  1. Me this year- 4 of Wands- Pay attention to your ethical choices. Don’t take credit for someone else’s achievements, or try to pass off their work as your own.
  2. My goal/ambition this year- The magician gathers the tools of transformation and begins to summon elemental spirits to work magic. The powers of transformation are at your command.
  3. September – Page of Swords – One who will face difficult adversities with bravery of his soul and the determination of his principles.
  4. October- Temperance- Find a balance in your  life by practicing moderation in all things.
  5. November- Queen of cups- One who embraces life with passionate delight, greeting each new day as an opportunity to love.
  6. December- Queen of Swords- One who shares the brilliant clarity of her mind, but protects her heart with a certain reserve and caution.
  7. January- Fool- Your innocent spirit carries you forward with gentle joy. (How awesome is it that the new year starts with a new beginning, the Fool).
  8. February- Page of Cups-One who brings a message of true love, tempered with steadiness and responsibility.
  9. March- 6 of Cups- The magical companions of your childhood are still with you. Expand your imagination to call them closer to you and listen to their advice. ( I didn’t have any magical companions… unless you call cats magical, and some do.)
  10. April- Devil- Seek the root cause of any bad habits or addictions if you truly want to break free of them.
  11. May- King of Cups- One who has control over his emotions and does not let the beast within break free.
  12. June-  4 of Swords- This is not a time for intensity and focused endeavor. Follow the quiet voice within to find a new way through confusion.
  13. July- 9 of Swords- Too much mental stimulation makes it hard to separate reality form a nightmare. Quiet your mind, and face your fears to move through them.
  14. August- Knight of Wands- One who uses resources in innovative and creative ways to advance his cause and who inspires other with his courage.



I’m hopeful for the year to come. How would you interpret this?